Build Better Workplace Wellness

Building Better Workplace Wellness is a list of program put together by the members of the Health and Wellness Committee in partnership with the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce. Each committee member, being unique in their own industry with ther own expertise, offers a unique program to support human resource professionals and the companies they serve.


Whether you are a company employee, executive, or HR professional, you can peruse these programs in more detail, and contact the professional associated with the program or programs you are interested in. All of these options are offered free-of-charge as an adde benefit to you!

Workplace Wellness – Close to Home

  • Preventing injuries at home is just as important as preventing injuries at work. An accident outside of work can lead to multiple missed days and lowered productivity. In this program, representatives from The Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute will teach your employees how to safely complete home projects and fully enjoy life outside of the workplace.

Improving Health Through Nutrition, Activity, & Lifestyle

  • Companies can see dozens of benefits when their employees are healthier – increased productivity, better mood, less health complications, and less missed workdays to name a few.  Unfortunately, knowing how to improve one’s health doesn’t always come natural. In this program, Profile by Sanford – in conjunction with the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce – will provide No-Cost Education for your staff through “brown-bag” lunch presentations, webinars, or custom programs.
  • To book this program, please contact Sean McCloud at 610-751-2950

Profile by Sanford provides the following services at No Cost to Employers:

Discovery Sessions to staff members to learn more about a healthy lifestyle

  • Educational topics can be tailored to each audience and will range from informative to interactive
  • Weight Loss and Wellness Challenges
  • Health Fairs with leading health & wellness companies throughout the Montgomery County area
  • Profile offers employees of companies that partner with them on these services,  a 50% discount on membership plus a 20% discount off food (should someone enroll)

Profile by Sanford provides nutrition, activity and lifestyle coaching to help your employees lose weight and keep it off.  Profile was developed by physicians & researchers to take the guesswork out of healthy lifestyle change.

Being a Better – and Safer – Weekend Warrior

  • Weekends are a time for your employees to get out and enjoy life! Unfortunately, many of the activities and sports we enjoy outside of work can lead to missed days due to injuries and strains. In this class, representatives from Community Chiropractic Center will educate your employees on how to safely enjoy their free time so they can be at peak performance Monday through Friday.
  • To book this program, please contact Kristin Legnola at 484-688-0664

Preventing Tech Neck in a Digital Age

  • Advancements in technology have greatly improved our lives and our ability to communicate in many ways. One thing that hasn’t improved, however, is our posture. Our necks and shoulders are seeing much more stress due to our constant bent heads. In this program, representatives from Community Chiropractic Center will teach you how to prevent increased pain and headaches due to “tech-neck”.
  • To book this program, please contact Kristin Legnola at 484-688-0664

Community Chiropractic Center is a local practice that takes pride in their ability to improve the health, well-being, and community. Their 20+ years of service to Montgomery County has been recognized by many organizations throughout the area.

Little Known Secrets of Paying for College

  • The College Funding Coach® offers a free educational parent workshop that has helped thousands of families decrease their financial obligation for college or increase their cash flow by helping them to understand the means and mechanisms through which families can make college more affordable.  We work alongside school districts, businesses, churches, and libraries to bring added benefit to parents through our educational programs.
  • To book this program, please contact Rachel Moore at 215-293-9309

Yoga at Work Means Better Business – Find Your Yoga

  • Incorporating yoga practices in our lives and especially at work, is a proven and powerful method to counter the abundance of stress in our lives.  At a basic level, yoga offers movement, breath work, and meditative practices which serve to bring balance to body and mind. Let us teach you and your employees some of the practical tenets of yoga that can be applied at work.  For our introductory program, there’s no need to dress in yoga clothes or to even bring a mat.
  • To schedule a free introductory seminar please reach out to Eric Dyke at 267-495-8527 or

Find Your Yoga’s mission is to create a large, positive impact in our communities, our workplaces, and our lives by connecting people to the practice of yoga. We aim to be a hub that connects and supports yoga teachers, creates amazing teacher-client relationships, and generally bolsters the overall wellness of businesses, organizations, and individuals.

Massage and Stress Relief During the Work Day

  • Companies have seen increased employee productivity and increased employee retention after offering stress reducing services on site during the work day. The Massage Studio offers massage as well as Light and Sound Therapy sessions which can be easily incorporated in to the daily flow. Even a brief massage can recharge your staff and increase mood!
  • To schedule mini massages or mindful therapy sessions in your office: Call Janine or Beth at The Massage Studio at 610-354-0138.

Home testing kits, Your Health on Your Terms

  •  A wide variety of tests available from Men’s or Women’s Health, Testosterone, Food Sensitivity, Thyroid, STD, Blood Glucose and more. No Doctor’s order is required. Order online and receive kit by mail. Collect your sample and Physician-reviewed results are delivered via a secure link in a few days.
  • ARCpoint Labs of King of Prussia – contact Rob Sykes at 484-370-2725 or

Safe Environment Workplace through Policy, Drug & Alcohol Testing and Supervisory Training

  • Drug-Free Workplace Policy sends a clear message that use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace in prohibited and encourages employees who have problems with alcohol and other drugs to voluntarily seek help. Policy exists to protect the health and safety of all employees, customers and the public.
  • ARCpoint Labs of King of Prussia – contact Rob Sykes at 484-370-2725 or

Tips to Quit Smoking Now!

  • Smoking cessation program for the work place – despite years of research pointing to the dangers of smoking, we still find people who continue to light up.  Quitting smoking has been reported as being the hardest habit to break and people who have successfully quit have attempted quitting numerous times.  In this program, we will bring people together to share their triggers, success stories, and challenges with quitting.  We will talk about cardiovascular and respiratory health as it relates to smoking.  We will also discover that smoking cessation can improve mood and the way we feel about ourselves in general.  A successful smoking cessation program for your workplace can increase productivity and decrease costs associated with insurance and sick time.  All while having happier healthier employees!
  • To book this program, please contact Sue Eberwine-Martin, RN, BSN, CLNC at 215-872-4128.

Eberwine-Martin and Associates, LLC is a full service Legal Nurse Consulting group.  We support attorneys who practice medical or injury related law.  Having many years of clinical experience, we are able to effectively navigate and organize the medical record, saving firms time and money.  

Team-Building Fitness Challenge!


  • Companies can improve the overall health and wellness of their entire team and build stronger relationships in the process! Your team can participate in a 6-week group weight loss/fitness challenge together. Take on the task of individually losing 25lbs or 6% body fat, together. The added accountability of going through this together would not only improve the health of everyone in your organization, but it could help build camaraderie and provide some extra motivation for your team in the process!
  • To inquire about this program, please contact Matt at 484-231-8377 or

Prioritizing Your Mental Health at Work


Stress found in the workplace is not uncommon but when the stress is left untreated, it can lead to bigger concerns such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse. When an individual starts to experience a mental health disorder, it not only affects their emotional health but it also results in lower productivity, inability to focus, and strains relationships in the workplace. Sobriety Solutions can provide a presentation on how to make mental health a priority while in the work setting as well as information on organizations available in our community to address mental health and/or behavioral concerns, as well as chemical dependency issues. – To book this program, please contact Courtney Wilson at 610-772-1887 or

Sobriety Solutions is a family owned and operated treatment program focused on Substance Use Disorders and Co-Occurring Disorders. Sobriety Solutions was founded by a family who has experienced Substance Abuse first-hand and understands the importance of quality care. Sobriety Solutions instills family culture and values into our programs. We offer an individualized treatment setting to create a unique treatment experience.


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