Physical Therapy and Wellness Institute

When you require physical therapy, you want access to state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced team of professionals who deliver the highest quality care. At PTW, we pride ourselves on providing our physical therapy patients with both. From our high-tech aquatic therapy facility and circuit strength-training equipment to our experienced staff, PTW is able to handle any orthopedic need…from wheelchairs to ankle sprains.

Our goal at PTW is to help you reach your’s!

We have successfully treated a variety of conditions including:

  • Shoulder Injuries and Surgeries
  • Knee Injuries and Reconstructions/Replacements
  • Spinal Conditions and Surgeries
  • Sports Injuries, Muscle Traumas
  • Chronic and Acute Pain Syndromes
  • Neck Conditions and Surgeries

If you are scheduled for orthopedic surgery, click here for information on our P.R.E.P. program and call us BEFORE the surgery to see how the P.R.E.P. program can help improve your chance of success after surgery.

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