February Business Builders Meeting Held at Anthology
February 16, 2023

Last week, we had our Business Builders Meeting at Anthology in King of Prussia. Like the few that preceeded this one, we had a really spectacular attendance. In addition to the 30 attendees offering personal introductions, we were also treated to breathtaking views of the Town Center through the facilities 11th floor social lounge. Anthology has a terrific chef who prepared some great appetizers and supplied great drinks. The highlight was their Executive Director describing to us the way Independent Care homes operate. In this specific case, they differentiate themselves as many of their residents are essentially viewed as apartment tenants. They have their own kitchens and personal furniture with the added amenities that Anthology offers, including workout area, pool, restaurant and more. In addition, they offer a Memory Care unit for tenants who need extra care. We are so grateful to their hospitality and look forward to seeing our many members at our next event.