My Benefit Advisor (MBA)

Meet My Benefit Advisor (MBA)

Over the past year, My Benefit Advisor has partnered with The MontgoMy Benefit Advisormery County Chamber of Commerce to truly listen to the need and priority of offering a trusted healthcare and insurance solution to its members. Now, as we have faced one of the most significant impacts to our membership through COVID-19 and beyond, the MBA program guides employers through the complexity of planning, communicating, and managing employee benefits.
You may also schedule a private conversation with My Benefit Advisor via phone or virtual meeting, to review the exclusive programs available to Montgomery County Chamber members. Contact Lauren B. Pipari, Senior Account Executive, My Benefit Advisor at (610) 684-6901,
My Benefit Advisor helps our members shop for individual and family health insurance as well as assist in applying for a government subsidy. We have options in every category of coverage and level of affordability to provide Medical, Pharmacy, Dental, Vision, TeleHealth and Behavioral Health benefits.
Important Upcoming Healthcare and Employee Benefits Deadlines:
– Open Enrollment for Individual Marketplace:
Begins Sunday November 1st through Tuesday. December 15, 2020
– Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D Open Enrollment Period:
Enroll or Make Plan Changes October 15th through December 7, 2020
– Open Enrollment season for groups of all sizes now through January 1, 2021:
86% of all businesses renew their health insurance on January 1st

My Benefit Advisor (MBA) Discounts  for Members of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

As we approach the fall renewal season for Employee Benefits, we would like to remind you of the opportunity we offer to have a brief conversation, via phone or virtual meeting, with My Benefit Advisor to review the exclusive programs we have secured for Montgomery County Chamber members. My Benefit Advisor is the Employee Benefits Consulting Partner of the Chamber, and they have focused on several exclusive solutions throughout the past 6 months that directly address cost savings for our membership.

Here are just a few of the exclusive Chamber programs My Benefit Advisor can discuss with you:

  1. UnitedHealthcare and Aetna Level Funding Program: Chamber members receive an additional 2% discount on top of final potential self-funded plan costs for your group. Group sizes eligible for these programs must have 2-100 employees and the cost for these programs is estimated to be 10%-25% less than traditional benefit plans.
  2. My Benefit Advisor PEO (Professional Employer Organization): This program enables you to consolidate your business model into one platform with My Benefit Advisor and Abel HR to reduce Medical insurance costs as much as 15% for a fully insured offering using UnitedHealthcare’s network.
  3. Cost Containment with an ICHRA If you are facing a difficult decision regarding medical coverage during COVID-19, an Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA) may be an alternative to discontinuing your current group health plan. An ICHRA allows employers to contain benefit costs in this environment while also maintaining coverage options to help you attract and retain employees.
  4. Alternatives to COBRA
    Many people have been affected by the economic impact of COVID-19 and may be at risk by not having insurance or facing expensive COBRA premiums. We have a team of experts who specialize in helping people secure individual health insurance at affordable costs.
  5. Enhanced TeleHealth through 1800MD: If you are struggling to offer insurance coverage to your employees, we have offerings including access to all basic medical needs service providers as well as behavioral health for both Full and Part-time Employees, starting as low as $18 per family per month.

While many businesses suffered negatively through closures, furloughs, layoffs, or even complete reorganization during this time, the one consistent factor was change to their business.  Some of this change has resulted in positive restructuring of client insurance programs. Another concern is it is anticipated the average medical coverage renewal in the coming year could see as much as a 20% or higher increase with the uncertain impact of COVID-19 on healthcare costs. A proactive evaluation of your current program could mitigate these costs.

Success Story:

Recently, My Benefit Advisor had a Chamber client who was facing a 15% increase to their fully insured renewal.  The client’s total employee count had been impacted during COVID-19, however, the same number of employees continued to be insured through the crisis.  By reviewing the potential solutions, and implementing one of the current exclusive benefit offerings of the Chamber with My Benefit Advisor and UnitedHealthcare, for the same employees enrolled in the insurance program, the client saved $14,000 per year, or 24%, from the 2020 renewal  – a plan they had previously “renewed as is” passively the past 6 yearsThe client reduced their current costs they pay today by 13% or $6,900 per year.