Helping Older Adults Age Safely in Place by Seyi Effraim
October 18, 2023

Almost all older adults would prefer aging in place, rather than making a move to a nursing home or an assisted living facility – nearly nine out of ten of them, based upon research conducted by AARP. And, who can blame them? The comfort of a familiar environment, the independence to come and go as you want, and the opportunity to prepare the meals you want when you want them are all priceless commodities.

But while aging at home seems like the ideal plan, there are several real concerns to be thought through as well:

  • Will the person be safe?
  • What happens if the person becomes sick or injured and no one is near to help?
  • How will the person get around if driving, or even walking, becomes challenging?

Fortunately, it is now easier than ever for older adults to stay safe and well at home. These suggestions can help you take the necessary safeguards to make sure an older loved one is prepared for whatever need arises now as well as in the future:

  • Assess the home, both indoors and out, from the viewpoint of the older person’s safety. Check to make sure that:
    • Emergency numbers are posted in a highly visible location.
    • There is adequate lighting, including in stairways and hallways.
    • Throw rugs and any other fall hazards are removed.
    • Frequently used items are stored within easy reach.
    • Grab bars are installed next to the bathtub and toilet.
  • Create a transportation plan, so that it’s ready to be put into action when driving is no longer possible:
    • Set up a volunteer tree of trustworthy people the person can turn to for transportation when needed: relatives, friends, neighbors, religious organizations, local senior centers, Effraim Home Care, etc.
    • Research public transportation options that are offered and easily accessible.
  • Ensure that the older adult is able to access technology that can be used in an emergency to get help when alone, for example, a PERS (personal emergency response system).

The ideal solution to ensure older adults stay safe and well cared for at home, however, is by engaging the services of a dependable home care agency, such as Effraim Home Care. With a care team that is highly trained and experienced in providing personal care services, transportation, meal preparation, and companionship, Effraim Home Care is available to assist older adults in a wide variety of ways.

Effraim Home Care begins by creating an individualized plan of care to address the person’s distinct needs and wishes. Each plan is regularly monitored and adjusted as needs change – making certain that the individual stays safe and is able to live life to the fullest, where it is most comfortable: at home.

We invite you to get in touch with Effraim Home Care at (215) 826-7422 for more information on their award-winning home care and senior care services available in Abington and other nearby areas.