Navigating Homeowner Associations by Lee Koch, Esq.
June 29, 2023

Presently over 26% of residents in the United States reside in HOA communities.  More importantly, that number is expected to continue to rise.  Why do many people elect to live in homeowner associations, also known as HOA’s or planned communities?  The answers vary, but among the most significant reasons is the preservation and promotion of strong home values.  In Pennsylvania, there are specific state statutes that govern HOA’s.  Additionally, HOA’s have their own unique governing documents, often referred to as “Declarations”, “CCR’s” and “Bylaws”.

Homeowner Association law is a distinctively unique area of the law.  Every attorney or law firm does not possess the knowledge and experience required to properly guide the client.  Whether an attorney is representing an HOA Board, an insurance carrier, or an individual homeowner the best interests of the client should always be of the utmost importance.  With this in mind, it is important to explain the law, while remaining focused on the end result. At times, issues involving may appear simple and at other times the issues may seem challenging to resolve outside of litigation.

Any attorney who has tried a case to verdict knows that when it comes to litigation, the outcome is always unknown.  It is for this reason, that Koch Law Firm often serves as an arbitrator or mediator in HOA disputes.  Through mediation or arbitration both sides are often able to obtain faster resolutions of their matter.  Both sides have an opportunity to be heard by a neutral third party.  Ultimately, the majority of the cases are able to be resolved in manner that saves everyone time and money.

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